Wriggly Scott - Twilight Empires feat. Jibberish

by Wriggly Scott

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Leading up to the early 2012 release of his next E.P. Wriggly Scott will be releasing one free track every month. The first in the series is the politically inspired track ‘Twilight Empires’ featuring the U.A.E-based MC Jibberish. Inspired by the recent Arab Spring, the track shines a light on the various social and political happenings in the region over the past year.

“The whole thing is written from the perspective of someone in the Middle East watching all the turmoil in the region on the news, and the extrapolations from that experience. While not all of us live in Middle Eastern countries that are unstable, we all share an understanding, and can relate to the paranoia, oppression, cynicism, weariness and plain dissatisfaction with the ruling class in these parts” says MC Jibberish.

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released September 20, 2011



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Track Name: Wriggly Scott - Twilight Empires feat. Jibberish (original)
“Here in the Middle most of them are self elected, reside in high places unaffected, proletariat-neglected, but here comes the Spring... whilst meanwhile in the West they scheme who will be next in...”