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Another Music’s newest signee OBI.VON is a next generation beat musician originally from Manila. Still young at the age of 23, VON has gained from living in different parts of the world including the UAE, and London and strives to meld those influences into his music creating atmospheric tropical soundscapes that are then built upon with drum sequencing and synthesized layers.

"I believe my sound is the result of my travels and exposure to different cultures and societies. Since the age of 2 I've been considered an 'expat' or what have you, living between Manila and Singapore until the age of 11. At the age of 12 I moved to the middle east and left eight years later to pursue my studies in London.

A music fan since the age of 5 I've managed to soak in a lot of information and influences from these places musically and culturally which I now implement on my own productions. I'd like to think that my music stems from the 90's inspired hip hop music I was exposed to in the middle east and far east underground circuits, to the vast and versatile history/scene of Electronic and Jazz music I learned/loved in London during my stay. "

On his latest release ‘Melt’ he introduces us to his sound, deconstructing and reconstructing samples across 6 tracks. Although his influences are evident - be it the sample chopping style of J Dilla on the lead track or the ‘Melt’ or the groove-driven Flyloesque ‘Sayawan2’ which pairs a boogie-like bassline, over Brazilian jazz samples, coupled with more uptempo broken drum sequencing – VON maintains a unique style and depth in his production rare for such a young beatsmith, and like a great piece of art the listener is presented with something new everytime they listen back.


released December 4, 2012



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